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With our help, Lauren made the impossible possible! A 20 year long battle with adult acne ended after she tried our holistic solution.

When Lauren came to Envision Acne and Skin Center, she was at the end of a twenty year long battle with the traditional treatments of acne and she was ready to find another a more natural way that actually will improve her skin. She had been on Accutane twice, which helped her temporarily, but was never able to maintain her results and the cycle continued. 

She was very self conscious about her skin and didn’t like people looking at her because she thought all they saw was her acne. She didn’t like dating and was very self conscious. 

“Several dermatologists told me that there was no way to clear my acne and I should accept that I will always have it.”

When doctors tell you that there is no other way, you go soul searching to try and accept yourself. It took many years for Lauren to accept herself as the beautiful woman she is, whether she has acne or not. She realized that she was more than just her skin and decided to love herself, including her imperfections. Still, she knew there had to be a way to look just as great on the outside as she felt on the inside. A conversation with her facialist saved her from yet another encounter with Accutane and led her to Envision Acne & Skincare Center. She finally got past the hurt and was ready for another way. She found her solution.

“Come see Nikolett and follow the program because it really works and you will see results.”

When Lauren first came to see me her skin was not as inflamed as it had been in the past. She was still suffering from some non-inflamed acne, excess oil production and scarring. I set her up on the right product regimen to help control her oil and clear up any remaining acne. I gave her the right supplements to rid her body of the toxins that were purging through her skin as acne lesions. I made some diet and lifestyle recommendations to target the acne from the inside out and help her maintain healthy, clear skin. 

“It was very easy to maintain the program at home. When you have acne, you are used to washing your face often and using a product regimen. Some of the dietary changes were difficult for me to make, but six months later I hardly noticed them.” 

When I asked Lauren to pick her favorite product she couldn’t make a choice, she said she loves them all. 🙂 

She really believes that the secret of her successful acne management was a holistic approach. The combination of the acne-safe skincare products, supplements, acne safe makeup and treatments all combined with the diet and lifestyle changes that made a huge difference in the clarity of her skin. 

“Nikolett created a winning combination against my acne. “

Lauren saw great changes in her skin within six months of the Acne Free Skin Program. It’s hard to believe that dermatologists were telling her there was no way to clear her skin yet here at Envision, our holistic approach allowed us to address the underlying causes of her adult acne and healed her skin from the inside out, leaving her with glowing, clear skin. 

“It’s like making the same six month investment I would make when I went back to the dermatologist except this time no drugs, no side effects and long lasting results.”

While Lauren would never change her struggle with acne, because it shaped who she is, she is so grateful to have found a holistic acne specialist  at Envision Acne & Skincare Center. She found the program easy to follow and has been able to maintain great results. 

Lauren says that if you have struggled for a long time, tried everything and have been told by your Doctors that you can’t heal, you’ve got to give Nikolett’s method a try. You won’t be disappointed! 

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If you are ready to end your struggle with acne and start living the clear skin lifestyle reach out to us 732-410-4452 or book your appointment online. Virtual consultations are also available to get you started. We are here to help!


I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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