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Winter Skincare Tips For Acne Prone Skin

While the winter season can be truly magical with its festivities, it can also trigger anxiety and increase stress levels for some. The tendency to overindulge in the consumption of rich foods, drink excessive amount of alcohol and the struggle to get enough sleep once the party season is in full swing, can have a negative effect on our skin. And even if you think you’re fully prepared to combat the effects of indoor heating, fluctuating outdoor temperatures, plus the added stress caused by the need to purchase gifts that everyone will adore, you can’t fully escape from those unwanted breakouts and occasional flare-ups.

To help keep your skin looking radiant, bright and energized we’ve put together a list of professional winter skincare tips to help you survive the holiday season in style.

 The Skincare Edit
With the summer well and truly over and the natural beauty, that fall brings slowly transitioning into the season of snow and ice, it’s time to reassess our cosmetics and skin care products, in the same way that we update our wardrobes. Lightweight serums, gentle exfoliators and moisturising creams which were highly effective throughout the summer months will need to be replaced with products that address dehydration caused by water loss and the dryness which occurs when the skin is lacking in sufficient oils and lipids, due to a reduction in humidity levels.

Below 8 basic skincare steps to help your skin adapt to the winter months.

The Double Cleanse

Cleansing is important all year round, however, it really does come into its own during the winter time. We recommend that you remove your makeup thoroughly with an acne safe makeup remover, which does not strip the skins barrier and is sulfate free and non comedogenic such as PRIIA Makeup Remover. Follow with a small amount of gentle facial wash applied not once but twice, to ensure an effective deep cleanse. It is best to use a sulfate-free sensitive skin wash infused with active ingredients such as white oak bark which helps to control bacteria, Aloe Vera and Yukka extract which contains anti-inflammatory properties. If your skin is less sensitive you can also use the Mandelic Facial Wash which is one of our most popular cleansers for adult acne, due to its anti-fungal ingredients and ability to help unclog pores, reduce hyperpigmentation and target fine lines. The key is to keep cleansing simple yet effective and avoid turning to scrubs or other physical exfoliators which could be too harsh on your skin at this time of the year. Your cleanser should be gentle on the skin and be able to effectively remove any unwanted residue from the epidermis (top layer of the skin) as well as the build-up of oils, dead skin cells and cosmetics.


Time to Gently Exfoliate

Before you consider investing in some additional skin care products to help you through the winter months, it would be a wise move to first treat yourself to a professional facial from a licensed aesthetician, here’s why.

When subjected to extreme changes in temperature and exposed to indoor heating our skin can become dry or overly oily, as it battles to compensate for the reduced levels of humidity in the air. This can lead to a buildup of skin cells on the skin and congestion, as we re-apply make up and unintentionally use creams that are too rich for our skin. When dryness occurs the skin is not as effective at naturally shedding dead skin cells, which if not addressed will lead to a build up on the surface resulting in an uneven, dull and lacklustre complexion.

Treating yourself to a regular facial will therefore make a significant difference to the health of your skin and speed up cell renewal. The products applied after a professional exfoliating treatment are being able to penetrate into the skin at a much quicker rate and create significant changes in the skin’s texture. Some exfoliators such as the PoreInfusion Mandelic Serum contain mandelic acid which is highly effective at removing dead skin cells and has anti-fungal and skin lightening properties to target hyperpigmentation and boost collagen production. It also uses natural ingredients of chamomile and licorice root which both have anti-inflammatory properties and also contains lactic and hyaluronic acid (a humectant which draws water from the inside of the body to the skin’s surface and has the ability to trap moisture thus preventing dehydration).


Increase Hydration

When it comes to the winter months skincare should be gentle and effective. Throughout the summer it is easy to addressed acne flare ups with mild skin peels and exfoliating spot treatments. However as the skin has a tendency to become more sensitive during the winter season the focus should now be on hydration and water based products. We recommend a moisture balancing toner such as the Hydrating Toner from PoreInfusion skincare which has been designed to soothe, calm and replenish moisture loss.


The Benefits of Water

When your skin is prone to water loss, incorporating a spritz into your daily skincare routine can help to replenish water topically. The PRIIA Hydrating Skin Spritz is the product we use on our clients.


It’s All About Layering

We’re going to be honest here, if you want to retain a healthy glow and keep your skin plump this festive season then you’re going to need to embrace the layering technique. And before you say “no”, we don’t mean applying excessive amounts of creams which will only lead to congestion and breakouts. Before reaching out for your daily moisturizer treat your skin to the added benefit of a water-based hydrating gel which will help to prevent irritation while keeping your skin soft and hydrated.


Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

As we’ve already established the number one golden rule when it comes to winter skincare is to replace water loss, protect the lipid layer and keep fine lines plump. Whatever your choice of day and night products may be, make sure they are water based, acne safe, non comedogenic and contain ingredients which prevent moisture loss. Never skip your nighttime routine, as when we are asleep our cells renew and repair themselves so use this opportunity to provide them with topical ingredients to help them support this action. Don’t forget to keep your body nourished too, as just because it’s covered up in warm clothes it doesn’t mean that it no longer needs daily tlc and the application of a hydrating lotion.


Your daily dose of SPF

Just because it’s cold outside don’t be lured into a false sense of security thinking that you can pack away your sunscreen until next year. While the sun may not be generating as much heat as it once did it’s UV rays are just as powerful throughout the winter months, so a daily application of mineral based sunscreen such as the PoreInfusion Clear Shield Waterproof Sunscreen SPF50 is essential when it comes to hydration and protection.


Get The Glow

Swapping heavy makeup coverage for oxygenated foundations, tinted moisturisers and lightweight mineral makeup will help to keep your skin looking natural and flawless throughout the winter months. If you want to avoid looking drawn and pale why not try mixing a couple of drops of a darker shade into your regular foundation, to give your skin an added boost and an effortlessly natural glow.

Winter is a time for reflection and the opportunity to address any skin care needs you have. It’s the perfect season to give your makeup kit a mini makeover and your skin the attention it truly deserves. Don’t forget that with the sun’s UV rays not as powerful as they are during the summer months, winter is the perfect opportunity to visit your skin care specialist for customized hydrating treatments with led light therapy.

Plus if you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for a friend or loved one, a range of winter skincare products is always a fantastic idea, as their use will last long after the festive season has ended.


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