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Why Do You Get More Break Outs In The Fall?

fall-breakoutsAs the summer has come to an end and the cool weather slowly makes it’s way in, it’s time to start tweaking your skin care for those brisk fall days. With just a few easy tweaks to your skincare routine, you can continue to make an improvement with your acne.

Your skin tends to change with the seasons. Many of you may be seeing an increase in brown spots, as well as dryness, and an overall dull look to the skin. The heat, the sun, and chlorinated pools combined with lots of sun exposure require a serious skin pick-me-up.

Did you know that fall is the most common time of the year to develop break-outs?

As the weather gets cooler and humidity levels decrease, the skin tends to dry out and become dehydrated. While the oil production is still at float, the dehydration causes extra dry, – dead skin cells to build up on the surface of the skin. Theses skin cells mix with the oil in the pores and from tiny micro-comedones. The result is trapped oil and bacteria underneath the surface of the skin resulting increased breakouts.

The best solution is to use skincare products that will provide your skin with more hydration and perform proper exfoliation during this time of year.

Fall skin care tips for acne prone skin:

1, Boost hydration with a water-based hydrating gel

Hydration is very important in the fall when the temperatures are cooler. The products you use to reduce oil in your skin and to prevent acne from forming usually depletes a lot of water. The dehydrated skin has trouble healing; it flakes more and is more prone to breakouts.

We recommend adding a water-based serum or gel including hyaluronic acid like PoreInfusion Hydra Gel in your daily routine. Hyaluronic acid is a natural humectant which means it takes water from the air and locks it into your skin. It is extremely hydrating and helps prevent dryness, dehydration. Drinking enough water can also help to give your skin the moisture it needs. It also helps to maintain elasticity and prevent dryness.

2, Don’t stop using sunscreen

You’ve applied sunscreen all summer long, so why stop now. Sure, it isn’t blazing hot anymore, but that doesn’t mean you should skip sun protection.

Your are still exposed to UV rays all year around and can still get sunburned during these autumn days. When it comes to sun exposure, it is the number one enemy of your skin. It will cause pigmentation, darks spots, scarring and uneven skin tone.

Also, many acne treatments and products cause photosensitivity, meaning they make your skin very sun sensitive. Besides, too much sun exposure can cause premature aging too. Make sure to never forget to apply SPF as the last step in your morning routine. Even if you are staying at the house all day…. just put it on.

How to protect your skin from the sun when you are acne prone

3, Use a non-comedogenic moisturizer

As our skin will be exposed to the cooler air, indoor heating systems, and drying acne treatments sometimes it will need a more emollient moisturizer to combat dryness. If your skin is feeling tight, or you’re noticing more flaking and peeling, it’s definitely time to incorporate an oil-free moisturizer in your skin care routine. PoreInfusion Vitamin B Lotion is an oil-free, non-comedogenic lotion that won’t clog your pores but will moisturize your skin.

4, Change your pillowcase more often

During the night, your skin will detoxify itself so all the toxins, oils and hair products can end up on your pillowcase. By changing your sheets and pillowcase once or twice a week will help keep your skin clear.

5, Be consistent with your treatments

Fall tend to bring lots of new activities for teens and they can find themselves balancing between school, work, after-school activities and sports. Adult acne sufferers can get off track too between balancing life, work and getting ready for the holidays.

Getting caught up in busy daily tasks and long hours of work tend to switch priorities and for some, it means less time to care for themselves. But, neglecting your skin’s needs can cause serious problems later on.

Back to school tips on how to prevent breakouts

If you want to keep your acne under control it is crucial to be consistent with your home care and acne treatments. Make it a habit of applying your products twice daily and don’t skip!

6, Get the pores cleaned out regularly

To reduce clogged pores, blackheads, and breakouts, regular monthly deep pore cleansing treatments are a must. A deep pore cleansing treatment combined with a skin peel is a great way to keep your skin soft, clear and smooth.

If you are suffering from acne and still could not find a solution to clear up your skin, Envision Acne and Skin Care Center has a proven Acne Free Skin Program that will clear up your skin in 90 days.

Do you need expert skin care advice from a licensed esthetician/acne specialist? Schedule your appointment for a consultation to get the personalized advice on products and treatments that are right for you.

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Please note that all blog posts and content created by Envision Acne and Skincare Center are not intended to be used as medical advice or as a substitute for it and are designed for your information and educational awareness only. We always recommend that you consult with a medical practitioner regarding any health or skincare issues you have, as they may wish to carry out a full health assessment before recommending you to a licensed aesthetician and acne professional.
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