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Why Accutane is dangerous and shouldn’t be used for acne treatments

If you think you’ve found the holy grail of magic pills for acne; think twice before you consider taking this dangerous medication.

Did you know that Accutane, also called Isotretinoin, is also classified as a chemotherapy drug? What??

Yes, you heard it right. Accutane or Isotretinoin is also used as chemotherapy to treat certain types of cancer and the side effects associated with medications are just as serious as most chemotherapy treatments.

The way Accutane works is it’s completely shutting down the body’s oil production and increases cell turnover.

While this may sound like a good idea because excess oil production and dead skin cell build up lead to acne, in reality this will also come with many damaging side effects.

That’s true but by shutting down your oil production it will completely dehydrate the skin and it will also stop the lubrication of your body parts including your mouth, nostrils, eyes and even your vagina.

While you may see a temporary suppression of your acne while you are on the drug but In the meantime, it will destroy your digestive system (leading to more acne later on) and can cause permanent liver damage :confounded:

Oh and best of all, once you stop taking it your acne will start to come back again because it does not address the root cause of your problem.

I have worked with so many clients who were on Accutane previously coming to me, some of them taken more that one round and once they stopped taking the medication they all ended up experiencing re-ocurring acne breakouts.

I find it very saddening when I see Dermatologists prescribing this medication like candy :candy: regardless of how old the client is or how severe their actual acne condition is. And completely ignore the physical and psychological side effects this drug has on most people.

Isotretinoin a.k.a. Accutane disrupts the way serotonin is made and utilized by the body. Low levels of serotonin have been linked to depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, and aggression. And these are some of the many other side effects reported, you can google the rest.

Please do your research before you consider taking this medication and ask your doctor abut all the potential side effects associated with this medication.

You don’t need to be on medication to clear up your acne. You just need a help of a professional who actually understands the root cause of your breakouts and will help you eliminate it!

Here at Envision Acne & SkinCare Center we specialize in holistic adult acne treatments and can easily help you clear your acne without medications.

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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