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What Is Body Acne and How To Clear It?

back_acneFacial acne is a very common skin condition that is difficult to conceal and seemingly impossible to treat without the right products and treatments. Unfortunately acne does not always stop at the face and could affect many other areas of the body such as the chest, neck, back, upper arms and shoulders.

One of the most common places for acne to occur on the body is the back. It is usually men who are most likely to develop this skin condition, but lately we’ve been seeing more and more young women complaining about breakouts on their back and chest.

These cases usually start with facial acne, although there are many cases where people only develop body acne without having any breakouts on their faces.

So how does body acne happen?

The same way that facial acne does. The body produces excess oil and dead skin cells, which will get trapped beneath the surface of the skin and eventually clog the pores. Most common causes of back acne are:

  • Sweating, exercising and wearing sports gear while playing sports.
  • Wearing tight clothing and using scented fabric softeners on your linens can trigger some clogged pores.
  • Diet also plays a big role in acne formation. Men who tend to work out a lot and consume muscle building protein shakes and supplements are more prone to develop body acne.

So how can I get rid of body acne?

Make your body hygiene a priority! Shower twice a day with an exfoliating acne safe body wash.

  • Make sure to shower shortly after your workout and change into clean, fresh clothing.
  • In the morning apply an exfoliating serum (with glycolic or mandelic acid) to the affected areas.
  • At night apply your acne medication with benzoyl peroxide to treat inflamed pimples.
  • The skin on the body, with the exception of the neck, tends to be tougher and more resilient than the skin on the face, so you can generally use a combination of products and stronger formulations to clear it. Still, be sure to add everything into your routine gradually.
  • Protect your skin from the sun! While you’r still going through the clearing process don’t tan the affected area. Wear a light, breathable T-shirt while staying out and make sure to always wear sun protection if you expose your skin to the sun.

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As with the face, this will not be an overnight fix, however body acne can be cleared up with the right products and treatments. When you have an important event coming up that needs your skin to be in tip top shape, then make sure you allow enough time for your skin to improve. Read more about clearing acne for your prom or wedding here.

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