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What are those donut-shaped bumps on my skin?

Sebaceous hyperplasia is very commonly mistaken as acne breakout, but it is actually a benign condition of sebaceous glands.

It shows up in a form of tiny donut-shaped lesions. It can be single or multiple and manifest as yellowish, soft, small little bumps on the face (particularly nose, cheeks, and forehead).

Sebaceous hyperplasia occurs when the sebaceous glands become enlarged with trapped sebum. This creates shiny bumps on the skin, especially the face. The bumps are harmless, but they are pretty annoying because they create a bumpy, uneven skin texture.

They can be removed with a process called cryotherapy but there is a risk of scarring and a pretty good likelihood of them coming back again.

The exact cause of sebaceous hyperplasia is still not proven scientifically but there is evidence in adult women with acne chronic stress (increases the secretion of adrenal androgens and results in sebaceous hyperplasia)  and candida overgrowth in the digestive system can be an underlying culprit.

How to improve the appearance of Sebaceous Hyperplasia:

  • Focusing on gut health and reducing candida triggering food items.
  • Reducing stress and doing more self-care.

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