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How Swimming Affects Your Acne

When greeted with beautiful, warm, sunny weather, it’s only natural for us to want to spend a lot of time in the sunshine and water! Unfortunately though, if you are acne prone – as so many of my clients are – spending longer periods of time in chlorinated pool water is a factor that you have to pay attention to as it can aggravate or cause acne breakouts. 

The best thing you can do is simply avoid swimming altogether but if this isn’t an option, here are my tips for preventing breakouts during swimming season.

1. Reduce your chlorine exposure as much as possible. 

If you are acne prone and spending a lot of time in chlorinated water, there’s a pretty good chance this will make your acne worse. The reason being that chlorine is a form of environmental toxin which tends to build up in the body over time and create inflammation. The best option for acne prone skin is to reduce your chlorine exposure as much as possible. 

Swimming in the ocean is a much better option for your skin if this is a viable alternative for you. If not and you are spending time in chlorinated pool water, make sure to rinse your body very well post swimming, washing the chlorine off your skin as soon as possible. Then make sure to hydrate your skin straight away with a very light, hydrating lotion as chlorine tends to overdry your skin. 

2. Apply Vaseline

If you do have to spend a long period of time in pool water, try applying a very thin layer of vaseline to your skin. Why? This creates a very light seal on the top of your skin which helps to prevent excess chlorine from being absorbed. Don’t worry – vaseline won’t clog your pores! It’s perfectly safe for acne prone skin.

3. Take a detoxifying Charcoal supplement 

I highly recommend a natural charcoal supplement for my clients who spend a lot of time swimming in chlorinated water. This is my personal favorite:

Osmosis Skin Defense: Environmental and Hormonal Detox. 

Osmosis Skin Defense is a charcoal based supplement combined with a unique detoxification blend. Activated charcoal works by trapping toxins and chemicals in the gut, preventing their absorption.  Osmosis Skin Defense is a detox supplement that helps to absorb all excess chlorine and any other environmental toxins in the body and slowly eliminate them. It also contains DIM (Diindolylmehtane) which helps to balance your natural hormone levels making it perfect for those who tend to develop hormonal breakouts on the lower face and the chin area. 

4. Use Sun Protection

Always wear sun protection! If you are acne-prone, certainly use an acne-safe sunscreen such as my personal favorite, PoreInfusion Clear Shield SPF 50+ for the face.

Sun protection will not only prevent your skin from burning but it is also an essential skincare product for preventing acne scars and premature ageing. 

For the body, make sure to find a sun protection containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide as opposed to using options such as sprays or aerosols which contain lots of chemicals. 

Try our PoreInfusion Clear Shield

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