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These Foods Most Likely Cause Hormonal Acne

It’s easy to blame your hormones for your acne breakouts but have you ever wondered what is throwing your hormones off balance.

You know those period breakouts that most women struggle with and consider it normal it’s actually not part of our normal body functions. Women shouldn’t be suffering from heavy painful periods and acne breakouts during that time of the month.

In today’s environment, there are so many factors affecting your hormones, and the only solution western medicine usually provides is a birth control pill that unfortunately won’t fix the problem it only covers up the issues.

Every day we are bombarded with toxins and chemicals in our environment, toxins in our water supply, in our soil, in our food supply, cosmetics, etc, and the long term, these chemicals are serious hormone disruptors for our body.

One of the most overlooked hormone disruptors are food preservatives.

Food preservatives are estrogenic toxins and when they get into your body they act like “fake estrogen”. They trick your body into thinking that it is receiving higher levels of estrogen so for the body to keep its natural balance it will overcompensate with testosterone.

Food preservatives can cause:

  • Hormonal imbalances especially for women
  • Increase oil production
  • Trigger excess facial hair
  • Trigger acne breakouts
  • Cause PCOS

The most common foods that are high in preservatives are Frozen Foods, Prepackaged Goods, Cookies, Crackers, Fast Foods, Protein, and Snack Bars.

If you struggle with hormonal acne reduce these food items in your diet and eat more fresh whole foods that support your body with the right nutrition.

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