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Stop hiding and finally start living the life you deserve

In this video, Alyssa Campelo shares her experience in clearing up acne at Envision Acne & Skin Care Center


When Alyssa first started to experience breakouts on her face she was already in high school. In her early teenage years, she would have never thought how much it would affect her overall self-confidence. The young playful, careless teenager all the sudden started to hide behind baggy clothing. She started to miss out on social events and was constantly embarrassed to talk to strangers.


She felt everybody was always staring at her skin and making judgments about her. Her mom was eager to help and visited many different dermatologists to recommend a solution for her daughter’s problem.


First, they started with different pills, antibiotics, topical creams, but her acne didn’t seem to improve at all. After months of not seeing the improvement she was looking for, she started to experiment with various over the counter products with little to no improvement on her skin.



Luckily she found Envision Acne & Skincare as her last result, and her life completely transformed within a short couple of weeks.


As she was going through the clearing process her self-confidence slowly started to come back. She started to engage in conversations and attended more social events. Her true personality came back and she finally felt pretty again.


This is the kind of transformation we provide for our clients. We don’t’ just create beautiful faces we create beautiful, confident women who are ready to live their life fully.


If you would like to try out Alyssa’s favorite product you can get it here: PoreInfusion Oxygen Serum


If you are ready to end your struggle with acne and start living the clear skin lifestyle reach out to us 732-410-4452 or book your appointment online. We are here to help!





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