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Kathleen struggled with acne for 15 years before she found Envision Acne & Skin Care Center

Check out Kathleen’s video! She struggled with acne for about 15 years before she found Envision Acne & Skin Care Center.


It all began when she changed medications, and her body, her hormones, everything changed along with it. That’s when suddenly acne became an issue for Kathleen. She had never dealt with it prior to that time so the struggle was real.


Over the years, as her acne became worse, she tried many products including over-the-counter items, expensive department store products, and holistic remedies.


Some of the treatments would help incrementally and some made her acne worse, causing dry patches as well.


Poor Kathleen was living a life of extreme frustration due to painful, embarrassing acne. She didn’t want to go out, she felt ugly and thought that people were making judgments about her.



She basically just felt awful.


Her acne was affecting her self-confidence and overall lifestyle. “This was no way to live”.


Kathleen got to the point where she felt she needed to see a doctor. This was the last resort for her because she knew that a dermatologist was just going to put her on antibiotics and her body does not respond well to them.


She was hoping not to have to go down that road but felt that she had no other choice. And, that is exactly what happened.


She was prescribed an antibiotic and told that the “cause of her acne was unknown. “


The doctor had no idea what to tell Kathleen. She left the office that day crying due to the lack of compassion and, even worse, lack of professional help.


When Kathleen finally found Envision Acne Center and came to see me I knew I can help her get her life back.


Right away I noticed that she had a lot of pigmentation on her skin, which was a form of melasma.


Melasma is a skin condition that is caused by hormonal imbalances, certain medications, birth control pills and sometimes it can be a sign of liver damage. The skin develops dark patches of pigmentation mostly on the forehand, cheeks and lip area.


Because of her multiple skin inflammatory conditions, I knew that the first thing we really had to do was calm the inflammation.


We immediately made some adjustments to her diet and lifestyle, to reduce internal inflammation.


We also adjusted her skincare routine by giving her products that would calm the inflammation, reduce the breakouts, heal the scarring and even out her skin tone.


The routine was easy to follow for Kathleen. She says “it helped very quickly, in fact, my acne was under control within a matter of weeks.”


At that time, we began to work on her scarring (due to picking at her pimples) and pigmentation. And, I must say that the biggest difference that we can notice on her skin today is definitely how much more even toned it is.


Prior to coming to us, she had a lot of dark spots, pigmentation, which is really hard to cover up, even with makeup.


Kathleen’s daily routine has become so much easier! After her skincare routine, she applies a small amount of powder and blush and she’s ready to go.


Within a matter of weeks, her self-confidence came back and she enjoyed life again. She no longer has to spend hours trying to cover up her acne, I can just see the happiness she exudes.


Kathleen states that her experience with Envision has been “life-changing”, given her hope and made her feel beautiful again.


She is no longer self-conscious and afraid in social situations and feels her life has been transformed.


Kathleen feels grateful that after years and years and years of frustration and anguish she was blessed to find someone who showed compassion and kindness and gave her hope again. She finally feels beautiful, and confident again.


When I asked her what her favorite product is that we provide, she had a difficult time answering because she loves so many of our products. But she finally settled on the Vitamin B Lotion.


When you are treating your acne, it is very important to make sure that your skin is well hydrated and our Vitamin B Lotion keeps her skin looking vibrant and glowing!


If you feel that conventional acne treatments are not working for you, or if you are looking for a skincare professional who really understands what you are going through and is willing to support you through your journey, please book an appointment for a consultation and let me help you to get your confidence back.


If you would like to try out Kathleen’s favorite product, click here: PoreInfusion VitaminB Lotion


Do you need expert skincare advice from a licensed aesthetician/acne specialist? Schedule your appointment for a consultation today to get personalized advice on products and treatments that are right for you.


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