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10 Years Of Antibiotics and Her Acne Did Not Improve

In today’s video, Nicole Detore will share how she was able to regain her health and self-confidence after years of taking medications that didn’t work for acne. 


Nicole had been dealing with acne ever since she turned 13. What started out as general teenage breakouts soon turned into a very persistent, lifelong battle and frustration with acne. Her dermatologist didn’t think much of it and kept convincing her that she will grow out of it.


During these years she was using numerous over the counter products, prescription products, and medications.


She was constantly taking antibiotics for 10 years!!! Wow, can you imagine? Taking a drug for 10 years that not only destroys the natural bacteria in your stomach but also weakens your immune system and can cause long-term DNA damage.


As years went by and Nicole’s skin did not get any better she started to lose hope. Her teenage acne become adult acne and she started to experience more and more cystic breakouts under her skin.


By this time she was using different prescription topical products on her skin, which made her skin very dry and peely. To overcompensate the dryness she had to apply a heavy moisturizer which helped with the dryness but did not help suppress her breakouts. (Probably wasn’t’ acne safe either)

Some of her cystic breakouts were so inflamed that she had to receive cortisone injections to reduce the swelling.


 “ It sucked growing up with acne”


Struggling with acne for years has deeply affected her self-confidence. She felt embarrassed by her skin and was hesitant to go on dates. She missed out on social events and felt very insecure.




Nicole was desperately looking for a solution to get her acne under control. After years of taking antibiotics and not seeing any improvement, she was recommended to take Accutane.

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By listening to her body she decided not to go down the road of taking another aggressive medication that can cause long-term side effects, especially for women.


Instead, she decided to look for a more natural approach to clear up her skin.


Luckily she found Envision Acne & Skin Care Center and her skin completely transformed within 3 months.


By making some changes in her diet and learning how to eliminate the root cause of her acne she was finally able to clear up her skin.


She learned the importance of using acne safe products on her skin and also how to maintain a daily skincare routine that will preserve her results.


Nicoles’ commitment and compliance to take care of her body and her skin has created a life-changing transformation. She has become a bubbly, confident young woman who is capable of achieving anything in life.


And this transformation is possible for you too!


If you feel that the conventional acne treatments are not working for you or if you are looking for a skincare professional who really understand what you are going through and willing to support you through your journey please book an appointment for a consultation and let us help you to get your confidence back.


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