We are available for Virtual Check-in Sessions and Virtual Consultations.

Consultation and Skin Evaluation

Here is what you will get during our consultation:

Achieving clear acne free skin starts with the understanding of what are the real causes of your adult acne.
A step by step instruction on what you have to do to keep your acne under control.

On our first consultation, we will explain everything you always wanted to know about clearing up acne. Consider this discussion your “Eureka” moment. Finally, all those questions you’ve been asking yourself and never were able to find an explanation will be answered. We will give you detailed information on:
  • Why are you still struggling with acne way past your teenage years?
  • Why prescription medications and antibiotics don’t work to clear up adult acne?
  • Which foods you have to avoid in order to get clear skin?
  • What supplements are essential to support your clearing process?
  • You will find out what kind of medications you should avoid that have a side effect of acne.
  • What skin treatments may not be ideal for your skin?
  • Learn which cosmetics you have to avoid that are full of comedogenic ingredients and will clog your pores causing acne.
  • Find out what aggravating factors can make your acne worse.
  • What kinds of treatments are ideal for you and your skin?
  • How to choose which birth control pill is right for you?
  • How to clear up your skin naturally without using medications?
  • How to maintain clear skin for the rest of your life?

Consultation and Skin Evaluation

(Does not include treatment)

45 minutes $125

In order to serve our clients with the utmost attention, we like to take all the preparation necessary for our first meeting together. We require all new in-clinic and virtual clients to complete the following forms within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment.

If you fail to fill out these forms your appointment might not be guaranteed.

Acne Intake Form
Practice Policies 
Acne Review Form
Teen Client Compliance (for clients under the age of 18 only)

If you are currently using any prescription topical medication that was given to you by your dermatologist we ask to please stop using it a week before your first in-clinic appointment. These products can make the skin very sensitive and will interfere with our sensitivity test results.

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Please note we do not take any insurance!

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