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When Is The Right Time To See An Acne Specialist

Derma-vs-acnespecAcne is not just a teenage disease anymore. It isn’t uncommon for people to suffer from some degree of acne, even well into their forties and fifties. In a culture where physical appearance plays a significant role in our life satisfaction, there can be substantial negative psychological effects from having acne.

You may wonder ‘when is the right time to see an acne specialist’? 

If you’ve been noticing bumps and clogged pores on your face, you might be experiencing a mild case of acne.  You may think that these breakouts will magically disappear as time passes, but persistent acne can cause a lot of damage to your skin. The longer you keep ignoring it the more chances that you will have permanent scarring. So, it’s crucial that you take the appropriate steps to get your acne under control before it becomes too serious.

For those of you who have already been to a dermatologist, tried many over the counter products and are not happy with the results, this is the optimal time to take advantage of the knowledge and services provided by a qualified acne specialist. There are many differences in the treatment styles of dermatologists versus aestheticians. You can learn more about how to decide if a dermatologist or aesthetician better fits your acne needs.

Why should you choose an Acne Specialist over a Dermatologist?

Many dermatologists and physicians lack the time, and often the knowledge, to instruct the clients about the root cause of their acne. Instead, they simply prescribe topical and oral antibiotics, topical retinoids, and occasionally benzoyl peroxide. These medications usually administered in strong doses and can result in a dry and irritated skin.  They can make the skin vulnerable to air pollution and harmful UV rays, in addition to creating free radicals, which could even lead to skin cancer.

An acne specialist is a board certified skin care professional who has received extensive training in the treatment of acne. An acne specialist will determine the type of your acne and skin sensitivity, recommend products for your particular condition, and review the causes of your acne.

These recommendations may include lifestyle changes, non-comedogenic cosmetics, stress relief, dietary changes, and Vitamins. The treatments will be customized for your individual acne type and sensitivity. During the acne treatments, we will focus on killing the P.acne bacteria inside the pore, extract existing impactions, as well as both hydrate and exfoliate the skin so that the products can more easily penetrate your pores.

To make our treatments more effective and speed up the skin’s healing process Envision Acne & Skin Center also offer an exciting, non-invasive procedure called LED Light Therapy, which is increasingly being recognized as one of the fastest and safest ways to attain healthier looking skin.

This kind of therapy tones and tightens the skin, improves product penetration, increases blood circulation which speeds up healing, and lessens acne scarring. Other benefits of LED treatments are improved skin firmness, brightening of complexion, reduced pore size, and the expulsion of toxins from the body.

Symptoms of Acne

  • Whiteheads with clogged pores.
  • Blackheads with clogged pores.
  • Little red and tender bumps, also known as papules.
  • Pimples which hold puss inside them.
  • Cystic lesions that look similar to boils and can cause permanent scarring.
  • Hard lumps or nodules that cause pain and from underneath the skin’s surface.

Places Where Acne Can Develop

  • The face is where most people get affected by acne.
  • A lot of people experience acne on their back.
  • Acne can also develop on the chest, arms, and even feet.

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If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned here, it’s a good idea to set up an appointment and get checked out by a specialist as soon as possible. Instead of stressing out over your acne, cystic break-outs, or scarring, visit an acne specialist who can help you find a solution to your problems and teach you how to keep your acne under control.

If you are suffering from acne and still could not find a solution to clear up your skin, Envision Acne and Skin Care Center has a proven Acne Free Skin Program ™ that will clear up your skin in 90 days.

Do you need expert skin care advice from a licensed esthetician/acne specialist? Schedule your appointment for a consultation to get the personalized advice on products and treatments that are right for you.

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