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LED light


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This Illuminate LED Disc is a revolutionary patent-pending, four-inch circular LED panel. It is battery operated, cordless and portable. It’s design and strength, and convenient ninety-second treatment time make it the ideal solution for incorporating the healing benefits of green light into your daily skin care regimen. 

It is sleek and portable at only 1.3 inches thick and 7.8 inches tall. It can be charged using any USB charger you have, eliminating the need for yet another charging base. It is easy to use with two light levels and one button operation. 

Simply hold the disc over the area you wish to treat for ninety seconds. 

Why green light though? Green light has been shown to penetrate deeper than blue light, addressing acne causing bacteria at a different level. It has also proven to have benefits of lightening pigmentation and brightening the complexion

Green light affects the melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for pigmentation in the skin. It can help to reduce the production of melanin and inhibit the formation of pigmentation in the skin. 

This at home use LED light is perfect to reduce acne breakouts and help lighten post-inflammatory pigmentation and scarring.

How to use it?:

Cleanse your skin with the PoreInfusion Sensitive Skin Wash. Push the button on the side of the light and wait until the light turns green. Hold the disc to one side of the face and keep it there until it automatically turns off (90 seconds). Repeat the other side of the face and the forehead area.

Use it daily for best results.

We usually recommed to use the light on clean skin but if you want to enhance the effects of the light, you can use safely use these products under the light: Hydra Gel, Multi Peptide Anti Aging Serum, Oxgyen Serum. 

Do not use any exfoliating product or any product that will make your skin sun-sensitive under the light!



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