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Pregnancy-safe skincare and wellness supplements for the acne-prone

While pregnancy can be one of the most exciting and beautiful time of a women’s life sometimes it can come with some unwanted turn of events. We all heard about the beautiful glow that radiates through the skin when someone is expecting a baby but not many women talk about the times when their skin actually took a turn to the worst and instead of the glow they ended up struggling with dull, inflamed, sensitive skin with acne breakouts.

Even though the skin can be very unpredictable during pregnancy and hormonal imbalances certainly can be an underlying trigger for developing skin inflammation there is a lot that you can do to get your skin back to a healthier state and control your breakouts during this process.

Having a pregnancy-safe daily skincare routine with gentle exfoliation and lots of hydration will repair your skin barrier and helps keep those hormonal breakouts at bay.

Natural pregnancy-safe supplements will provide your skin with essential omega fatty acids for proper skin function, reduce inflammation in the body and aid your digestion.

Eating an anti-inflammatory diet will not only support your skin health but also be essential for the baby’s proper development too. Reducing sugar, dairy, and processed foods and increasing your organic fruit, vegetables and healthy fats in your daily diet will nourish your cells and provide the right nutrition for the health of both mama and the baby too.

Being a holistic acne specialist I have worked with so many pregnant and lactating women who struggled with acne during pregnancy or postpartum and with simple changes in their daily skincare we were able to create beautiful changes in their skin.

Here are my favorite skincare products safe during pregnancy:


• Silk Rinse

• Calming toner

• Oxygen serum

• Super C Brightening serum

• Hydrating Peptide lotion

• Clear Shield SPF


• Sensitive Skin Wash

• Hydrating toner

• Hydra Gel

• Acne Gel 2.5

Supplements safe during pregnancy:

• Osmosis Skin Perfection Elixir

• Osmosis Recovery

• Opti Zinc

• Osmosis Digestive Support

• OmegaVia Fish oil

• Collagen Protein

• Daily Fiber

Do you struggle with acne and need help clearing your skin without medications? Let’s schedule a consultation virtual or in the office so I can educate you on the root causes of your breakouts and create a customized plan on how to get it under control.

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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