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Practice Policies

Welcome to our office!

General Information:

Because of the high level of services we deliver, we maintain strict policies that must be followed. Much effort, attention to detail and time is needed for us to deliver this type of care. What follows is an outline of these policies and a clarification of what we can and can not do on your behalf. Please review these policies very carefully. We ask that you do not ask us to make exceptions.

At Envision Acne & Skin Care Center we are focusing on providing you with highly effective acne treatment services and products that will deliver results. Unlike traditional dermatology practices that focus only treating the symptoms and not the underlying cause of the acne, we take a more natural approach in order to help clear up the skin.

It is important for you to understand that certain dietary and lifestyle changes are necessary in order to manage your acne under control. We will give you all the guidance you need to clear up your skin.  In return, we expect you to be consistent with your home care routine and do your best to make the lifestyle changes we recommend.

Please note we do not take any form of insurance!

Required Forms:

In order to serve our clients with the utmost attention, we like to take all the preparation necessary for our first meeting together. 

We require all new in-clinic and virtual clients to complete the following forms within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment. 

If you fail to fill out these forms your appointment can not be guaranteed.

Acne Intake Form
Practice Policies 


When booking a first-time appointment we require a deposit to hold the appointment time. The amount of the deposit is 100% of the full appointment price.


Envision Acne & Skin Care Center offer services by appointment only where we reserve time and space especially for you. In order to respect each other’s time and efforts the following policies needs to be enforced.

New Client appointment cancellation: 

We require a minimum of 48 hours of notice for canceling or rescheduling any new client appointments.

Existing Client appointment cancellation: 

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice for canceling or rescheduling existing client appointment.

No Show: 

If you fail to show up for your appointment you will be charged 100% of the treatment price.

We ask that you please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule so we may offer your appointment on someone on the waiting list.

Failure to give appropriate notice of cancellation will result in a charge 100% of the treatment service.

You may cancel your appointment by calling the office 732-410- 4452 or email with a subject line Cancellation.

For existing clients we allow 1 appointment to be canceled less than 24 hours at no charge for emergency purposes. After that, we are strictly enforcing our cancellation policy.  We always confirm the appointments at least 2 days before your scheduled appointment time through email and through a phone call. Make sure your voice mail is active and it is not full. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are receiving our confirmation emails. If our confirmation emails are not showing up in your inbox please contact customer service to make sure we have the right information on file.

Late Arrival:

Arriving late can take precious time away from your treatment. We will make every effort to accommodate your full appointment but this is not always possible. As a courtesy to following clients, late arrivals will only receive the remaining available appointment time and will be charged in full. 

Add-On Services:

Add on services require extra time therefore if you booked a treatment with an add-on service such as LED light or back/chest treatments and decide to cancel the add-on service at the time of your appointment you still have to pay the full price of the treatment.

Medical Disclaimer:

All content and information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. While we are licensed estheticians we are not physicians, nutritionists or registered dietitians. This is not a substitute for any professional advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

Results given in testimonials are from real customers who have used PoreInfusion products, however similar results are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary depending on skin type, sensitivity, age, and skincare history, as well as how the product is applied.

Envision Acne and Skin Care Center is not held liable or accepts any responsibility for any adverse reactions resulting directly or indirectly from the use of our products. 

Contact your medical professional immediately if you suspect you have a medical emergency.


Please review our practice policies fully and sign the necessary documents to confirm your understanding of it.

Envision Acne & Skin Care Center does not take any form of insurance.



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