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Not only is my acne cleared, but the quality of my skin is the best it has been

Interview with Lindsey Laverty – Another Amazing Skin Transformation!

Lindsey dealt with her acne for about 14 years prior to finding Envision Acne & Skin Care Center. As for most teenagers, it wasn’t as bad at a younger age, so she used to purchase her treatments at the drugstore.

At about the age of 16, her parents took her to her first dermatologist. She tried every topical treatment that they prescribed to her, but nothing helped the cystic acne breakouts.

She did take Aldactone for a period of time, which helped with the cystic acne, but at the time she was trying to take a much healthier approach to life. She started to care more about what she was putting into her body, and she decided she didn’t want to take the medication anymore.

So, she stopped, and that is when her acne was the worse it had ever been.

“It was tough. You know, in high school, everything is the end of the world, so there were days when I actually missed school. I would call my mom and say, ‘come to pick me up’, if I had started to swell or it got really bad. It was a little crippling. In my later years, in my 20s, my acne was worse than it had ever been. I luckily had a little more self-confidence at that time in my life, but it was still tough, especially in an office setting. Being a young adult dealing with acne, it was hard. I felt like people were looking at my acne, not at me.”

When I started to work with Lindsay she did have a lot of inflammation in her skin, especially on her chin area, where you get those hormonal breakouts.

She also had very sensitive skin. When you have acne and a very fair complexion, you tend to have very sensitive skin.

You have to be careful with the products and treatments that you use because they will dry your skin very quickly and can sometimes create more damage to the skin.

We started her out with some gentle products and did a couple of gentle exfoliating treatments on Lindsey and waited for her skin to get a little stronger.

With consistent treatments and a customized home care routine slowly, but surely, we were able to get the inflammation under control and clear up her skin.

And, as always, we made some adjustments to her diet and lifestyle. Lindsey didn’t find it hard at all to follow the routine we gave her because she was already health conscious and ready to take whatever action was necessary to rid herself of her painful, cystic acne.

“Once you see it start working, you’re excited to use the treatments.”

In getting your acne under control, it is very important to find the right person, who will give you a customized routine to follow, otherwise, all of your hard work will be for nothing, and that is where most people’s frustration really sets in.

Lindsey was lucky enough to see a huge difference in her skin within the first 6 weeks.

But, the first thing Lindsey says that she really remembers is when the inflammation started to reduce, she felt so much relief, because the swelling and inflammation can be extremely painful, especially with cystic acne breakouts.

After her first 2 treatments, her cystic breakouts disappeared. Amazing!!!

Then we worked on her scarring, and within 3 to 6 months her skin became much more even toned.

I also recommended that Lindsey use an acne-safe makeup on her face. Very important! Without it, your acne may never clear.

“To have confidence back was great. Especially because I love makeup, so to not feel like I was forced to use it to cover things up was great. I actually enjoyed doing my makeup again. It wasn’t something I felt like I had to do. I was just back to enhancing my natural features instead of piling on layers to cover up all the acne.”

Lindsey goes on to say, “I have had such a great experience, quick results, lasting results, and not only is my acne cleared, but the quality of my skin is the best it has been. Glowing! But also, your experience here is personalized to you. And Nikolett doesn’t just address your acne, she addresses your tone, your texture, your scarring, your dryness, everything gets addressed and taken care of.”

If you feel that conventional acne treatments are not working for you, or if you are looking for a skincare professional who really understands what you are going through and is willing to support you through your journey, please book an appointment for a consultation and let me help you to get your confidence back.

If you would like to try out Lindsey’s favorite product, click here: PoreInfusion Clear Shield SPF50

If you are ready to end your struggle with acne and start living the clear skin lifestyle reach out to us 732-410-4452 or book your appointment online. We are here to help!


I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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