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Long Distance

Acne Free Skin Program

Our Long Distance Acne Free Skin Program is designed for clients who cannot physically visit our office to receive personalized care for their acne. With our holistic virtual program, you can receive expert guidance and support from our experienced holistic acne specialists through Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

During your virtual consultation, we will provide professional advice to help you learn about the underlying causes of your acne and teach you natural and holistic ways to keep it under control.

Our first consultation will explain everything you need to know about clearing up acne, from the underlying causes of adult acne to natural ways to clear up your skin without medications.

Before your consultation, you will receive pre-recorded videos that provide detailed information about how to clear up acne. During the Zoom call, you can ask any questions you may have about your clearing process, and our team will provide you with a customized skincare routine based on your specific skin type.

Our virtual consultations will help you understand which foods to avoid, what supplements are essential to support your clearing process, and what aggravating factors can make your acne worse. You will also learn about ideal treatments for your skin type and how to clear up your skin naturally without using medications.

Our Holistic Acne Free Skin Program and PoreInfusion products were created for people who are serious about getting their acne under control. With our program, you will have your own Acne Specialist who will give you step-by-step directions throughout the process, providing you with personalized care from the comfort of your own home.

Achieving clear, acne-free skin requires patience and compliance, but if you follow our recommendations and be consistent with your home-care, you will achieve great results.

Contact us today to schedule your virtual consultation and start your journey to clearer, healthier skin.

Long Distance Acne Treatment FAQ

This program is a combination of using PoreInfusion home care products and receiving a guidance of an acne specialist to help you achieve clear, acne free skin. 

You will receive a customized home care protocol and lots of helpful information on how to clear up your skin.

You will also receive continues email support and coaching from Nikolett for a 3 month period of time.

While most in-office clients will clear up in about 10-14 weeks, for long-distance clients it usually takes a little longer. Because long distance clients are not able to receive treatments and regular extractions this program works best for those who doesn’t need lots of extraction and mostly have inflamed, cystic acne.

Click here to read about our first Consultation.

Virtual Acne Consultation

For long distance clients who cannot come in for in-office treatments.

45 Minutes $150


  • The same consultation that you would receive in the clinic.
  • We will review your intake Forms and take a look at your pictures.
  • We will go over your skin concerns/ goals.
  • Review lifestyle and diet recommendations.
  • You will receive a home-care plan customized for your acne type, along with product suggestions from the PoreInfusion skin care line with step-by-step home care instructions.
  • One follow-up phone call a week after your initial consultation to check your progress.
  • 3 months of email support and skin coaching from Nikolett.

First Set of Products: $250-$350

If you decide to participate in our long distance acne program you will need to budget around $150 – $175, for your initial “need to have” products (include 6-8 products.) These products last 2-3 months on average.

Long Distance Acne Client check in session:

15 minutes $45

This is a 15 minutes Zoom check-in sessions that you have to option to book to update your home care and to address any concerns you may have with your skin. 

In order to serve our clients with the utmost attention, we like to take all the preparation necessary for our first meeting together. We require all new in-clinic and virtual clients to complete the following forms within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment. 

If you fail to fill out these forms your appointment may not be guaranteed.

• Acne Intake Form
• Practice Policies 
• Teen Client Compliance (for clients under the age of 18 only)

(Please note we do not take any form of insurance.)

Here at Envision Acne & Skincare Center we take a very unique holistic approach to clear up acne. We believe that the only successful way to clear up adult acne is to address both internal and external triggers to it. By addressing the root cause of your acne internally we suppress inflammation in the body and by using using gentle acne safe products we can help you heal the skin externally too. 

You may have used some of the same ingredients used in the PoreInfusion products, but we use them in a very specific way that is very different from other systems.

We want to use skin care products that your skin can tolerate and have you use them in a way that your skin can adapt to easily without causing any irritation and too much dryness. We then have to make sure your skin does not over-adapt and stop responding to the home-care.

We also provide natural, herbal supplements to target the internal triggers of acne and help you detoxify acne causing toxins. 

That’s why we require frequent check-ins and communication with you to make sure your program is on track. Acne is a very tricky disease and requires close monitoring. We want to provide you with all the guidance you need.

Click here to read frequently asked questions.

This program works best for those who suffer from moderate to severe inflamed acne.

Our long distance program and PoreInfusion products were created for people who are absolutely excited and serious about getting their acne under control. 

They are ready to end their struggles and frustrations of being embarrassed by their own skin. They were created for you to get your skin clear which will eventually lead you to regain your self-confidence, look better, feel better and live a better life.

We know the best way to achieve clear skin. You will have your own acne specialist who will give you step by step directions throughout the process. All you have to do is just follow the steps to get clear acne free skin.

Achieving acne free, clear skin is not an overnight process!!!

It requires patience and compliance. But if you follow our recommendations and be consistent with your home-care, you will achieve great results.

Consider it to be a learning course as well. You will be expected to take serious and consistent action. No excuses anymore, just a different way of taking care of your skin and full support while you achieve this incredibly exciting goal: clear, acne free skin.

  • You think that you already know how to treat your skin and don’t need a professional advice.
  • You are a product junkie and loves to jump from one product brand to another.
  • You are only willing to use organic or DIY skincare products.
  • You are expecting overnight results. (Clearing up acne takes an average between 3- 6 months, it acquires patients and compliance.)
  • You are not comfortable experiencing some dryness and occasional break-outs during the clearing process.
  • You break out occasionally. This program is best suited for moderate to severe acne skin that breaks out on a daily basis with new inflamed lesions or cysts.
  • If you are allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide.
  • You are not ready to let go of control and follow our advice. If you’re not 100% committed then we can’t work together. This program only delivers results to those that commit to every aspect of the program.

We take our profession very seriously and provide you with all the guidance you need to achieve clear skin, but it is our experience that if you are not 100% committed to the program you will never achieve the results you are looking for.

We are very compassionate and empathetic with all of our clients. Most of our therapists at our clinic have suffered from acne so we know what you are going through.

We will be there for you every step of the way to guide you through all the steps you need to take in order to get the clear skin you deserve.

We are unlike busy doctors who don’t have the time to spend an hour with you to evaluate  your complex skin problems. We take our time with you and listen to all of your skin concerns.

We monitor your progress and always return a phone call whenever you need assistance with the program. We encourage you to contact us whenever you feel you are not on the right track or something is not working with your skin.

We work with the best acne products available to treat your skin. All home care protocols will be created for your skin on an individual basis. As your skin changes so will your protocol!

We have the best acne products that do not require a prescription.

We will answer all your skin care questions and if we don’t know the answer, we will research it for you. We will be in close contact with you throughout your process of getting clear. This will include personalized home care products,  follow up phone conversations and email support anytime you need.

Our priority is to get your skin clear in record time.


 Envision Acne & Skin Care Center Reviewed by Alexa S.- Marlboro, NJ – November 16 2012“It works! Faster than anything…”

“I have dealt with acne for about 4 years. A lot of times I didn’t feel comfortable or confident in my own skin, and I would sometimes feel embarrassed to go out. Before I found Envision Acne & Skin Care Center I tried many different topical over the counter products and prescription medications such as RetinA. It worked in the beginning but eventually I would just break out again. After working with Envision Acne & Skin Care Center for only 3 months my skin has had a huge improvement and definitely cleared up. Now I feel more confident and never have to worry about people staring at the acne on my face. I would definitely recommend Envision’s Acne Free Skin Program. It works! Faster than anything I’ve ever tried before”

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Reach out and let us help you explain how we can help you achieve clear beautiful skin.

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