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New Home Use LED Light for Acne Scars

I’m excited to share with you this brand new patented design at home use LED light.  

If you are an existing client, you are already familiar with our fantastic light panels used in our regular treatments. We have been implementing LED light technology into our treatment for many years because of the healing and rejuvenating benefits of this technology. 

Our in-office advanced LED panels have contributed to the excellent results we were achieving on our client’s skin from clearing up acne, to reduce pigmentation, scarring, and overall skin rejuvenation. 

Many of you were asking me over the years if there was a way you can also use these lights at home. While over the years there were many at-home use mini LED devices showed up on the market in different shapes and forms but because of the limited amount of lights built-in and the lack of power they were using their effectiveness was not comparable to the professional lights in my opinion. 

So I never felt comfortable recommending any specific brand to my clients knowing that it will not make a significant improvement on their skin. 

Up until now. I’ve finally found something easy, effective, and affordable that has the ability to create a significant improvement in the skin with daily use. 

The Illuminate LED Disk is a handheld device that emits green light. Its large size allows you to do your entire face in six minutes or less. Or you can always just use it on the areas of concern where you develop occasional pimples or have some acne scars or pigmented spots that you would like to reduce. 

This is a way larger size than any other handheld device on the market. There are 250 LED lights in this powerful disk. This unit is effective, affordable and easy to use. It is battery operated and cordless, so you can easily walk around with it while you’re treating your skin. It will make a great addition to anybody’s homecare routine. 

Why green light though? The professionals LED panels we have been using in the office for years all contained red, blue, and infrared lights. These were the most studied lights in the last 30 years and they were proven to be effective for acne, anti-aging and pain-relieving. We use the blue light to kill acne-causing bacteria in the skin. We use red light for wound healing, collagen production and anti-aging benefits and the infrared for pain relief and muscle soreness.

As technologies were advancing and new studies were being introduced scientists developed that the green LED light can be also very beneficial for skin improvements. Because of the longer wavelength green light has been shown to penetrate deeper than blue light, addressing acne-causing bacteria at a different level.

It will not only help heal acne but also very effective to heal post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and age spots and brightening the complexion.

Green light affects the melanocytes, the cells that are responsible for producing the dark pigment in the skin. It can help to reduce the production of melanin and inhibit the formation of pigmentation in the skin. 

Along with proper product usage and regular treatments, this is great a great at-home device for helping your along the clearing process, evening out your skin tone, and heal those unsightly acne marks and age spots. 

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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