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How To Prevent Razor Bumps


How_to_prevent_razor_bumpsRemoving hair properly is important to prevent razor bumps and breakouts on your skin from shaving, waxing or other methods of hair removal. Here are the best approaches and all the things you should avoid to get the best results from your hair removal.

Using the right tools for hair removal are the first step in preventing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

 The best razor to use for bump prone skin is the PFB Bump Fighter or BIC Disposable for Sensitive Skin. Use it with an unscented shaving gel, or cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide like PoreInfusion Acne Wash, which works well with single-edge disposable blades. Make sure to use disposable razors only once.

We instruct our clients to shave in the direction of the hair growth with a single-edge disposable blade.

Razors with more than one blade will give you a closer shave, but this could actually mean disaster later. The multiple blade razor first stretches the skin, then cuts the hair beneath the surface, creating the perfect opportunity for the hair to get trapped once they begin to grow.

A rotary shaver can be even worse. This is due to the fact that the hair is getting trimmed in any and all possible directions, while it should only be cut in one.

Stretching your skin when you shave can have the same impact as multiple blades. Don’t go over the same area multiple times. While you may have to shave more frequently, you’ll still get less razor bumps and, in turn, better skin.

Once you have acquired the proper tool for your skin, be sure to take care of it. Change blades out frequently, sanitize them regularly by spraying them with alcohol and don’t share them.

As for depilatory creams, it is recommended that you avoid them entirely. These creams not only contain lye, but they can cause chemical burns and dark pigmentation on your skin.

As far as permanent hair removal solutions Electrolysis could be very effective. If you have darker skin tone the ‘blend’ method is the most highly recommended. Laser is another avenue, but be sure to search for a doctor with a lot of experience with hair removal. Lasers easily can cause pigmentation and not all effective on darker skin tones.

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