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How To Prevent Halloween Breakouts

14725959_mI’m sure you have spent a lot of time getting the perfect custom ready, looked for accessories and watched tons of you-tube videos for perfecting your make up. It seems like you have thought of everything…. or haven’t you?

Before you cover your face with heavy theater makeup just to create that perfect Sugar Skull look, take a second to read a couple of tips on how to prevent unnecessary Halloween breakouts.


1, Pre-treat your skin with acne fighting products. Using the right acne products can help you eliminate breakouts after a long night of partying. If you are about to cover your entire face with makeup that might not be safe for your skin, make sure to prep the skin with acne fighting products. Wash with PoreInfusion Acne Wash, tone with an antibacterial Salicylic Toner, exfoliate with  Mandelic Serum and hydrate with a water based gel such as PoreInfusion Hydra Gel.

2, Avoid cheap custom shop make up: These formulations tend to be full of heavy colorings, waxes, oils that will easily clog up your pores. Also, the heavier the make up the less your skin will be able to breathe.

3, Use only acne safe foundation to prep your skin and keep the heavy stuff for your eyes and lips only. It is very important to use a good coverage foundation that won’t clog your pores. Wearing a safe mineral based formula such as Priia, Bare Minerals Original loose powder, La bella Donna loose powder, will help prevent those noninflamed break outs that could resurface anytime during the next 3 months. If you are looking for a good coverage acne safe liquid foundation our favorite is Oxygenetics liquid make up.

4, Wash your face as soon as you get home: You had your fun at the party and now it’s time to relax. But don’t just fall into bed yet. No matter how tired you are make sure to cleanse your skin thoroughly before you go to bed. Wipe your make up off with a wet towel and use your acne fighting products to exfoliate your skin. Finish with a low strength of benzoyl peroxide gel that will help kill any bacteria in your pores.

5, Make sure to re-hydrate your skin: Partying all night and drinking alcohol can severely dehydrate your skin. Drink plenty of water before you go to bed and apply a water-based hydrating moisturizer on your skin. This will help restore moisture and you get to wake up with fresh, hydrated skin.

6, Schedule a professional acne treatment: If you are acne prone make sure to schedule a treatment (Acne treatment with LED light) a day after the party. It will help deeply exfoliate your pores and re-hydrate your skin.

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