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How To Boost Your Confidence When Suffering From Acne


If you’re one of the few people on the planet who hasn’t been affected by acne then this blog post probably isn’t for you. However if you’ve ever felt insecure, unattractive or feeling upset about your blemishes then read on.

While there’s no cure for acne, the development of advanced cosmeceuticals and scientific research on how to keep excess oil production at bay have significantly improved over the last couple of years. However while this is great news for the next generation of acne sufferers, it doesn’t necessarily help if you’re feeling really low and are struggling to find ways to motivate yourself to face the outside world.

If we allow negative thoughts to take control our lives they soon start to form a pattern of behaviour that’s damaging to our long term health and happiness.

While you have to be a bit patient and believe in the advice and treatment plan designed by your acne specialist, you can take immediate control of how you approach your feelings towards acne. With a few confidence boosting steps, you have the ability to eliminate those negative thoughts once and for all.


Share Your Feelings

It’s a fact, acne can cause depression and lead to feelings of unhappiness and self-doubt.Admitting that you’re suffering with these thoughts and sharing your feelings with others is an important first step towards taking your control back. No one ever said you had to be invincible and pretend everything is ok when it’s not.

It’s true that in the scheme of things acne isn’t life threatening in the same way that a terminal illness or unexpected tragedy is, but that doesn’t mean that you should try to suppress your feelings or worse still hide them from your family and friends.

Ever heard of the saying communication matters and that ‘a problem shared is a problem solved’, well they have become popular statements for a reason – because they work. Everyone on the planet has worries, fears and self-doubts. Feeling constantly inadequate and worthless is not an option, because it’s not reality.

You have many skills to share and valued opinions that others want to hear, so when you start to feel low about your acne, talk about it, journal your feelings and express your worries. Help and support is always there you just need to ask.


Talk back to that inner voice

Talk back to that inner voice whose often full of negativity and self-doubt and respond to every defeatist comment with a no nonsense reply. If for example you hear yourself question your decision to go out with friends in case someone makes a hurtful remark about your acne, why not switch focus onto what they might say instead if they appreciate the look of a new top, shade of lipstick, or perfume that you’re going to wear.

Also remember that while you’re battling with acne anxieties some of your friends may have similar self-doubts relating to their weight, crooked teeth or other aesthetic features which they’re not happy about and will need your support just as much as you need theirs.


Set a Daily Goal

It’s not a good idea to focus on your acne all day, so setting new goals will be key to diverting your attention. Make a list of what you’re good at and new things you’d like to try out. These don’t all have to be large goals and can instead be as small as reaching a target of 30 sit ups before breakfast. Write your intention down every morning and make sure you’re able to cross it off your list at the end of the day.


Be Realistic about Social Media

If you think for one second that top models don’t have the same feelings of insecurity that you do, make sure to listen to the inspirational Ted Talk which focuses on deconstructing your idea of beauty by top model Cameron Russel.

Social media has many positive benefits, but it also has a lot to answer when it comes to its portrayal of perfect lives. In an attempt to look appealing and keep up with our social network of digital friends, we’ve become masters of filtering images and airbrushing photos to the point that we barely look like our reflections.

It’s so easy to feel insecure when you see your friends and those you look up to posting stunning images on a daily basis. But sadly, the truth is that many of those take hours of pre-production styling and simply create a fantasy world of how they’d like their lives to be. Just take a look at what some well-known celebrities had to say about their own personal struggles with acne in Women’s Health Magazine.


Practice Daily affirmations

This simple yet powerful action is so easy to do, yet largely ignored. Before you start your day make a list of 3 things you’re grateful for at this specific moment in time and say them out loud. Knowing that you have positive things going on in your life can switch your mindset from a low state to productive powerhouse in minutes. If you need a little support to get started, here’s some of my favorites by legendary beauty publisher and mindfulness author Louise Hay.


Compliment others

There is a lot to be said about refocusing your thoughts on others to take your mind off of your own worries. When you set yourself a challenge to actively complement others in a sincere way to make them feel good about themselves, you’ll start to feel great and as you continue to give others the confidence they need, you’ll soon find that they begin to reciprocate.


Sweat it out

You’ve heard it time and time again, exercise helps to boost your mood, strengthen your body and sharpen the mind. Sure you may have acne at the moment, but you’re putting a plan into action to improve it so why not tone and strengthen your body too.

When you exercise your body it rewards you by releasing endorphin’s and serotonin also known as happy hormones. It will put you in a great mood plus you get to work out to your favorite music too, so it’s a win/win situation.


Get help and make a plan

Seeking expert support and committing to following a customized skin care program under the supervision of an acne specialist, will make a huge difference to how you feel about yourself.

Sometimes just taking the first step is all you need. And there’s no reason to feel nervous about your first visit either. As a previous acne sufferer and a skin care professional who has worked with hundreds of acne clients, I completely understand  how you feel and what you are going through. Having to gone through this experience myself in the past and able to find a solution that works, makes me even more committed to helping you overcome your acne.

I know that feeling low as a result of your acne is a very sensitive topic and it could take some time to overcome these feelings. I wanted to sourced some videos with a few familiar faces that I thought you might also like to hear from.

In this popular YouTube video actress Leah Michele talks to Dr. Oz about her struggle with acne.

Beauty Reporter at PopSugar Kirbie Johnson bares all and talks honestly in this online video about how she continues to manage her acne and last but not least legendary life coach Tony Robbins discusses how to build self- confidence in this 7 minute video.

I’d love to hear your stories and tips about how you’ve managed to overcome anxiety associated with acne and rebuild your confidence, if you’d like to share these with us and our online community please take the time to add them to the comments section below.

If you’d like to find out more about our virtual consultations or acne treatment services, please contact us directly or schedule your appointment online for a consultation at our center in Manalapan, New Jersey.


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