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Having Tried Everything She Could Think of to Clear Her Chronic Acne, Larissa Finally Found the Solution to Beautiful, Healthy Skin

In this interview, Larissa Comer shares her hugely successful journey with Envision Acne & Skin Care Center. 

Larissa had been dealing with cystic acne since she was just 10 years old. When she first arrived at Envision Acne & Skin Care Center, she could hardly remember life without acne having struggled with it for almost 16 years.  

I remember when I first met her she was dealing with a very inflamed type of acne that wrapped all the way around her chin and covered the majority of her cheeks. Her skin was also peeling, very dry and dehydrated. And like so many of my clients, she had tried many different treatments.

I’ve tried just about everything you can think of! If you walk down the aisle of a drug store for acne care I’ve tried just about everything you can see there. I’ve been to five different dermatologists, some up here in New Jersey and some out where I was living in North Carolina for a while. I did a round of Accutane. I tried birth control pills. I tried a whole bunch of different antibiotics…different strengths, different types, even a treatment that was supposed to take off the first layer of skin on the face. I tried different types of facials and peels. Just about everything.”

Sadly, none of these things worked for Larissa. Not even Accutane. Even though Accutane is one of the most commonly prescribed drug by dermatologists for clients suffering from severe inflamed acne, I wasn’t surprised to hear that in the long term Accutane hadn’t solved Larissa’s skin problems but in fact, had made them worse.

“I was on [Accutane] for between six months to a year, and my skin was really inflamed at the time. I tried it and it did help clear my skin. But about two years later my problems came back even worse than they had been before. Along with that I had different side effects from it: a lot of dryness, my eyes were really dry, my skin was really dry, my lips were always peeling so it wasn’t very pleasant.”

Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. For many of my clients, Accutane had worked in the beginning but their acne ultimately came back. It also causes an array of side effects including severe dryness of the skin due to the medication blocking the skin’s natural oil production.

Luckily though, we have been able to treat Larissa’s chronic acne without the need for extreme medication. We decided on an adjusted home-care routine, introducing products aimed at hydrating the skin and calming the inflammation. We progressed slowly in the beginning because her skin was very fragile and sensitive and eventually introduced light exfoliation. I also gave Larissa diet and lifestyle recommendations which she adjusted to quite easily. 

“I didn’t have any trouble. I appreciated that you wrote everything down for me so that I knew the difference between what I use in the morning and what I use at night. It was pretty intuitive and easy to stick to. To this day I’ve never missed an application or a step!”

By following our Acne Free Skin Program in just a few short months, we cleared up Larissa’s acne. After her acne subsided she still had a little bit of scarring left from the previous inflammation so we introduced products to help reduce this as well as treatments to speed up the healing process of the skin. Overall, there was incredible improvement with her scarring and most importantly, her confidence.

“It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. To be able to have these kinds of results, to feel this good and to feel like I look as good as I do compared to the beginning without having to take any prescription medications or do anything invasive or painful is just such a blessing.”

It is such an honor to have been able to assist Larissa on her journey to clear skin and dramatically improved confidence, what a transformation!

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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