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Do you pick your pimples?

If you’ve ever visited your esthetician or dermatologist and complained about those dark little scars on your skin, where they come from and why are they there, the first question they probably asked you is: Do you pick your pimples?

picking-pimples1-300x225 You’ve been told that picking, popping and squeezing a pimple is a big no-no. Whenever you are trying to squeeze a pimple you create a wound that can take more than a week to heal. And if you dig a little deeper than you’re suppose to or just accidentally fracture the follicle wall, you can end up with serious scarring.
So what should you do when there is an embarrassing big red bump rising on your face right before an important presentation or a date?

Step 1:

Ice it! As simple as it sounds, breakout the ice and put it on your skin for a couple of minutes. The ice will immediately reduce the inflammation and will also help prevent future scarring. PoreInfusion has a simple to use Ice Pack to keep in the freezer.


Step 2:

Put some PoreInfusion Spot Treatment lotion on the pimple, and leave it on overnight. This lotion  contains benzoyl peroxide to help quickly heal inflammation. It will help kill the bacteria and exfoliate the skin in the same time. The sooner you reduce the inflammation the less chance you have to develop scarring.

If you are serious about getting clear acne free skin please visit an acne specialist, get on a good home care program and you don’t have to worry about pimples anymore.

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