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Client Success Story: Virtual Transformation

Today I’m sharing with you Sarah’s transformation. She is one of my virtual clients who I started to work with only a short couple of months ago and she is already showing such a great improvement.

Sarah has struggled with acne for many years before she found us. Tried numerous prescription products, antibiotics, and over-the-counter products but non of these methods brought success to clear up her acne.

After our consultation, we discovered that her diet consisted of many inflammatory food items and she also struggled with digestive issues that were affecting not just her body but also her skin health.
The skincare product she was using prior were irritating her skin and just wasn’t the right combination for her acne type.

During our consultation, we addressed her diet, lifestyle and customized a new and gentle skincare routine that was suitable for her type of acne. She also started to take some supplements to remove inflammatory toxins from her body and ease inflammation in her skin.

After only a short couple of months, her skin already showing great improvement, her acne subsided and her skin tone is much more even and healthier.

Sarah’s Skincare Routine:

AM: Sensitive skin wash, Calming toner, hydra-gel, Osmosis Rescue, Vitamin B lotion, Clear shield SPF

PM: Sensitive Skin wash, calming toner, hydra gel, acne gel 2.5 , vitamin B lotion

Supplements: Skin Clarifier, Skin Perfection, Digestive support, Recovery


I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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