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Can our face really tell us what’s happening internally – a quick guide to face mapping-

Have you ever wondered why pimples have a habit of reappearing in similar places on your face every month? If so, the chances are that you may have heard about the concept of face mapping.

According to the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which can be traced back to the second century BC, our face and skin when studied in detail have the ability to reveal a lot more about our bodies than we originally thought. TCM practitioners believe that organs and systems inside our body are reflected in certain areas also known as zones on the face and that by analyzing each region, we may be able to tell if our internal system is out of balance.

While not supported by scientific research, facial mapping has been a practice adopted by many aestheticians, who incorporate some of the techniques used to develop effective skin care programs for their clients.

The fundamentals of face mapping?
While the fundamentals of facial mapping may vary slightly when provided by different practitioners, the general principles are the same. Viewing each of the zones on the face in systematic detail and taking into account not only the presence of acne, but also the overall general appearance of the skin including its; color, texture, tone, pigmentation and elasticity, a picture of how the body is performing internally can be created. The reason that this happens is because it’s believed that each designated area on the face represents a specific organ or system within the body. When these functions become weak or are out of balance, extra attention is required to help eliminate any toxins, which may have built up and remove blockages that could be preventing oxygen, blood, and energy to freely flow around the body.

What does each zone represent?
Over the years face mapping has been studied in detail by numerous practitioners not only from the world of TCM but also by students and therapists from the beauty and wellness industries. Some practitioners have developed detailed face maps, while others follow the concept of using basic mapping techniques to help them analyze each main area on the face in detail. We’ve outlined 6 of the key zones below to help give you an understanding of how the basic principles of face mapping works.

  1. Forehead
    This region is believed to be linked to the digestive system and bladder, providing an indication that congestion in the zone may be a result of the body not breaking down and eliminating foods as effectively as it could. Digestive concerns can be caused by numerous contributing factors such as the overgrowth of candida, being prone to stress, not obtaining enough sleep, eating the wrong diet and also potential issues with the liver. We would always recommend cleansing the area of concern on the face thoroughly each morning and evening with gentle products formulated specifically for acne. Products such as a mandelic face wash will help to eliminate folliculitis caused by candida in the body, while also targeting inflammation, hyperpigmentation and balancing oil production. The application of an anti-aging serum after a thorough cleanse will help to keep those expression lines and wrinkles at bay.
  2. Upper and Lower Eyelids & In Between The Eyebrows
    This zone is believed to reflect the liver and kidney area, with any congestion and acne thought to be possibly linked to the adrenals. Overconsumption of fatty foods and an excessive intake of alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants which may result in the liver having to work overtime in order to process nutrients and support the digestive system are believed to be responsible for the problem in this area. If you’re prone to dark circles under your eyes it may well be worth reviewing the skincare products you are currently using, as creams which are too thick in consistency for your skin type can contribute to sensitivity. Also visiting your Doctor to discuss if any of your prescribed medications can be contributing towards sensitivity in this area, in addition to increasing your water intake to keep hydrated may be worthwhile. The skin in this zone is very delicate so we would always advise the use of gentle serums, gels and lotions whenever possible to help control oil production and combat any dryness.
  3. Cheeks
    The lungs, stomach and respiratory system are thought to be associated with the cheek area in facial mapping. Review of triggers such as diet and the exposure to environmental pollutants i.e. smoke and toxins, which have the ability to cause redness, dry patches and irritation should all be taken into account, as they can lead to bacterial overgrowth and allergies forming. It’s important to always ensure that after thoroughly cleansing your skin and applying your serums, use generous amounts of sunscreen, to help protect large areas of skin such as that on the cheeks, which is constantly exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays both throughout the summer and also during the winter months.
  4. Nose
    This area is believed to be linked to the cardiovascular system, which is associated with cholesterol, circulation and blood pressure. When cleansing remember to dedicate time to either side of the nasal folds as dirt can easily accumulate here. If you suffer from recurring acne in this region the use of a gentle exfoliating scrub several times a week will help to keep pores free from blockages.
  5. Area surrounding the lips
    The perioral area which surrounds our lips is believed to reflect hormones and the large intestines. Imbalances of hormones due to a woman’s monthly cycle and issues associated with a build-up of toxins within the digestive system are believed by practitioners to be reflected in this area. Don’t forget that your lips need protecting to help prevent trans-epidermal water loss, so it’s always a good idea to keep an acne safe lip balm to hand to help maintain that alluring pout.


  1. Chin & Jawline
    For those of us who experience breakouts in this region on a monthly basis, it will come as no surprise that this zone is predominantly associated with hormones, the reproductive organs and stomach. While cleansing thoroughly it is also important to keep excessive oil production under control by ensuring that the area is kept hydrated with lotions formulated specifically for acne, healing and purifying facial masks and mineral makeup, which will collectively help to maintain a glowing complexion.


While face mapping is an extremely interesting subject and a technique which has been used for many years, its important to take into account that there are numerous contributing factors which can cause acne and other skin sensitivities. Face mapping should not be used to replace medical advice or for self-diagnosis. If you’re experiencing issues with acne, or are concerned about a potential flare-up, we would always advise and recommend that you visit a licensed aesthetician or Dermatologist who will be able to professionally assist you.

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