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The Benefits Of a Lymphatic Facial Massage


Lymphatic massage is a fantastic treatment which has been around for many years, and its multiple benefits are always widely documented, especially when it comes to skincare and addressing acne. When used in conjunction with topical acne products, lymphatic massage of the face and decollete area can be highly effective due to its ability to prevent sluggish circulation and remove unwanted toxins. This reduces puffiness and keeps our complexion healthy.


Here are the 6 key benefits of a lymphatic facial massage.

1.) Deep cleanse
Lymphatic facials provide a deep cleanse of the skin. When carried out in conjunction with the use of topical cleansing products, specially formulated for acne prone skin, results are believed to be significantly improved.


2.) Accelerated healing
Lymphatic massage helps to stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid throughout the body, which has been designed to effectively move any unwanted toxins towards lymph nodes where they are removed.

This type of massage is particularly useful for individuals who have slightly inflamed skin. The gentle movements used throughout the massage help to prevent blockages and bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells. When carried out with anti-inflammatory products such as our PoreInfusion Oxygen Serum, visible benefits can be seen immediately.


3.) Reduced puffiness
As a gentle facial massage, lymphatic drainage can help retain a clear complexion and reduce puffiness due to its ability to disperse congestion, which may have been caused by irritants in cosmetics, illness, allergies or overindulgence in inflammatory foods.

Accumulated toxins come from the front and back of the ears, below the jaw, in the neck region and above the clavicular bone in the decollete area. Through a series of gentle and rhythmical pumping movements carried out by your esthetician, toxins will be moved to the lymph nodes and removed by the body. Esthetician’s will always work towards the direction of the nearest lymph node and in alignment with the circulatory system.


4.) Congestion free skin
If our bodies become overly stressed or are subjected to environmental pollutants on a regular basis, the lymphatic system can become over saturated leading to an unwanted build up of toxins in the tissues, skin and joints. Regular lymphatic massage can help to keep the lymph system flowing freely and aid with the removal of dead cells from the surface of the skin. This increases circulation provides optimum hydration when you also apply acne safe moisturizers and serums.


5.) Reduction of scar tissue
Manual lymphatic massage is believed to help in the reduction of new scar tissue. By actively encouraging increased circulation to the area and clearing any system blockages, fresh blood and oxygen flood the area and support cell regeneration. Many plastic surgery practices have licensed estheticians who specialize in lymphatic massage working with their patients to help support post-treatment healing.


6.) Promotes the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing
As a non-invasive treatment which is both gentle and therapeutic, lymphatic facial massage is extremely relaxing. It promotes feelings of wellbeing while reducing anxiety and stress. Regular treatments alongside an acne skin care program can help to support clients who are suffering from a loss of confidence which often develops as a direct result of living with acne.

As with any beauty treatment, there are certain circumstances when it would not be advisable to have a lymphatic facial massage, which is why we always recommend that you seek the advice of a professional licensed esthetician before booking a treatment or incorporating some of the recommended steps into your home skincare regime. If you are interested in performing a DIY facial massage several times a week, ask your skincare specialist to demonstrate some easy to follow moves which you can apply safely in the comfort of your home for optimum results.

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