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Back To School Tips: How To Prevent Break-Outs

Back-to-schoolIt is that time of the year again. The school is starting and for many it means dealing with one of the most difficult skin condition: acne. Typically, acne clears up nicely during the summer when people are outdoors and under less stress, but a month after school begins pimples and blackheads start to pop up again. Although acne is a problem that most often affects young people, many people in their 40s and 50s still experience it. Oily skin, hormones, genetics, improper skin care, and stress can all contribute to the problem, making outbreaks worse. Although you may not be able to completely eliminate acne, proper skin care can help to prevent acne outbreaks.

Here are 5 tips on how to prevent breakouts:

1, Don’t touch your face! You probably don’t even realize that you’re doing it. Siting at your desk and resting your face on your hand can cause breakouts. All the dirt, oil and bacteria that build up on your hands during the day will end up on your face and clog your pores. Make a conscious effort to keep your hands off your face and stop picking at your skin.

2, Change your pillowcase more often! During the night your skin will detoxify itself so all the toxins, oils and hair products can end up on your pillowcase. By changing your sheets and pillowcase once or twice a week will help keep your skin clear.

3, Wash your face twice every day to prevent pimples, blackheads and whiteheads. Use a facial cleanser for acne-prone skin like PoreInfusion Acne Wash and wash your face gently to avoid irritating your skin. Include your neck, back, shoulders and any other areas affected by acne. Don’t wash too often, as excessive rubbing can over dry your skin and make your acne worse.

4, Don’t cram for exams: Reading papers, tons of projects and homework can wrack havoc on your skin.Study a little every day to avoid stressing out before your test. Stress is one of the biggest contributors for acne. Make sure to take some time for yourself every day to relax.

5, Eat nutritious foods that will keep you and your skin healthy. Eat a variety of whole grains, fruits and vegetables, but use sugar, fried foods, dairy and highly-processed foods in moderation. Although foods are not the main cause of acne, but there are certain triggers such as dairy and salt that is proven to create lot’s of inflammation in the skin. Drink plenty of water. At least 8 large glasses of water every day will keep your skin hydrated and will prevent dryness from the exfoliating acne products.

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