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How To Avoid Vacation Breakouts

how to avoid vacation breakouts

Travel can be exhilarating, but it can also put a lot of stress on your body which can easily lead to breakouts and body acne. Because I know how frustrating it can be to have blemishes ruin your vacation pictures, I want to pass along some tips for keeping your skin clear while on the road.


5 Tips on how to avoid vacation breakouts. 


1, Keep your diet clean and healthy: In an unfamiliar environment surrounded by enticing new foods, it’s easy to go overboard when exploring the local cuisine. Too much dairy, seafood or salty foods such as french fries are likely to cause breakouts or even cystic acne. You are on vacation so there’s no need to be strict, but you should indulge with moderation.

2, Use acne safe makeup: Planning to hit the clubs and taking some adorable selfies? If you want to try out some new makeup products for your nights out, check for pore-clogging ingredients before you buy.

3, Change your pillow case: Skin oils and residue from hair products build up on your pillowcase and contribute to breakouts. If you’re in a hotel, get a clean pillow case from housekeeping every night. If you bring your own, pack several in a resealable plastic bag so you’ll always have a fresh one.

4, Get your beauty sleep: Try not to skimp on sleep. Lack of sleep elevates your levels of stress hormones, which contributes to breakouts.

5, Maintain Your Skin Care Routine: Maintaining your normal skin care routine and taking all your products with you on vacation in smaller containers is essential. If you’d rather not take everything, at least pack your daily acne safe cleanser, hydrating toner, sunscreen, and a light water based moisturizer. We’re all know a day of travel or touring can leave you exhausted, but don’t use that as an excuse for not cleansing your skin before going to bed.

If your daily routine includes the use of exfoliating serums, I recommend to stop using it while on vacation. These serums can increase your risk of sunburn, so it’s best to stop using them. And because dry plane air saps moisture from your skin, make sure to apply an acne safe moisturizer before you take off.

These tips and tricks should keep your acne under control and ensure glowing skin while you vacation.


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