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As Kristen Discovered Through Her Journey To Beautiful, Clear Skin, It’s Just As Important To Make Adjustments Internally As It Is Externally

In this interview, Kristen Cecilione shares her experience with Envision Acne & Skin Care Center. 

When I first met Kristen, she was in her third year at college and had been struggling with cystic acne for close to ten years. She presented with combination type acne and I noticed that she had a lot of inflammation in her skin. It was very sore and sensitive from the products that she had previously been using. It is not uncommon when clients experiment on their own or using prescription products that are not suitable for their acne type to experience side effects such as redness, dry skin, and irritation.  Like so many clients here at Envision Acne & Skin Care Centre, Kristen had tried many different things to clear her skin with little to no lasting effect.

“I started with at-home products, things you could buy at the drug store and when that didn’t work out for me I moved on to sets like the Proactive Set. Then when those didn’t work I finally went to a dermatologist. I saw some improvement but not anything that would really – this sounds dramatic but – change my life and change the way that I carried myself day to day. 

And it really affects your everyday life. You know, not feeling confident in your skin, not feeling confident to go to school, feeling like you need to cover up and wanting to hide your face. I tried a bunch of different things to try to make myself feel better about it but nothing really clicked until I came here.”

After a thorough consultation, we started Kristen’s journey at Envision Acne & Skin Care Centre by working on calming the inflammation, bringing her skin back to its natural place and repairing her skin barrier. We made some adjustments to her diet and lifestyle as well as recommending some supplements specifically to aid with inflammation in her body and to help regulate the oil production in her skin. 

“The first month or so was quite an adjustment. But after about a month, it just becomes habit. It becomes a routine and it’s SO worth it.”

Overall the process took around six months as her skin was a little resistant due to the inflammation and cystic breakouts but, ultimately, her discipline, lifestyle and diet adjustments paid off. 

“It’s been fantastic. Every program or thing that I’ve tried before really just focused on products and different tools and so forth. But to change it from the inside is what I think really helped.”

Through her journey with us at Envision Acne & Skin Care, Kristen has learned that there are many different factors that affect your skin. You can’t just concentrate on the surface; you also have to adjust things internally to truly see consistent improvement. That’s what we focused on with Kristen and that’s why her skin looks so beautiful and clear, and how she is able to maintain her results. 

“Once my skin was cleared it just made me so much more confident in things that I could do. Like, if there’s no time in the morning I can just run out the door and not feel so self-conscious with everyone I meet wondering, “Oh are they staring at my skin?” To have that confidence in just the little things really does change your whole day!”

It has been my pleasure to have assisted Kristen on her journey and to see such a difference not only in her skin, but in her confidence. 

“This has definitely worked the best for me and not just because of one little thing, it’s a complete program to really affect your life in a positive way and to really clear your skin. It’s not just a big office; here they see you, they know you and they know your skin. And when you see your skin clearing up and you’re so happy and confident about it, you walk in and people here notice! That makes it such a personalized experience and that’s what I think, makes it so special.”

I want you to know that transformations like Kristin’s is possible for you too. All it takes is to take the first step by booking a consultation so we can set you up will all the tools you need to achieve clear skin.  

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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