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Skin Consultations

Consultation and Skin Evaluation

Achieving clear acne free skin starts with understanding what acne is and what aggravating factors cause your acne. A step by step instruction on what you have to do to keep your acne under control.

Virtual Consultation and Long Distance Holistic Acne Clearing Program

Our Virtual Holistic Acne Clearing Program was designed for clients who don’t live anywhere near to our office and need help to clear up their acne. We will provide personalized acne coaching through Zoom to help you learn about what causing your acne and teach you how to keep it under control. During this online consultation, you will receive the same information that you would get in our in-clinic appointment.

Natural acne treatments acne specialist nj

Acne Treatments

These treatments are designed to exfoliate your skin, loosen up sebum and to extract impacted pores. Your treatments will include either a very mild chemical peel or a very gentle exfoliating enzyme. Neither is uncomfortable nor will they make your skin visibly peel. 

Back & Chest Acne Treatment (stand alone treatment for established clients)

Many individuals with facial acne also experience acne on their back and chest area. Sometimes body acne will appear even when the face is clear. 

Celluma led light treatment
Celluma LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy

Used in conjunction with acne treatments and peels, LED Light therapy dramatically reduces pigmentation; stimulate collagen and elastin while tightening and toning the skin. In addition, increased blood circulation accelerates healing, minimizes pore size and kills P. acne bacteria. Also help to reduce acne scarring. 

Skin Rejuvenating and Scar Improvement Treatments

These treatments are specially designed for skin rejuvenation and scar improvement.

Reach out and let us help you explain how we can help you achieve clear beautiful skin.

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For your convenience Virtual Consultations are available too.

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