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Why Does My Acne Seem To Get Worse During The Cold Weather?

Have you noticed that as soon as the seasons begin to change and the beautiful rich colors that define fall transition into a backdrop of crisp white snow, your complexion seems to undergo a transformation all of its own? If so you’re not alone, as winter time can be notorious for making acne and pimple breakouts worse.

There are a number of reasons why your skin can break out over the festive season and remain problematic well into the New Year, however with so much conflicting information available online, we wanted to expand on 8 of the most likely explanations as to what is causing your acne to make an unwelcome appearance at this time of year.

Temperature changes
While this may appear to be common sense, you’d be surprised as to how many people despite being aware of a sudden fluctuation in temperature, take little or no action to adjust their skincare routine accordingly. As the cold weather hits, we instinctively turn up the heating, wrap up in warm clothes and enjoy the comfort and security of spending time inside. However, in sharp contrast to the summer and autumn months where there is more moisture present in the air, exposing our skin to prolonged periods of artificial heat can cause havoc with our complexion. The sudden lack of moisture and low humidity can strip the skin of its natural oils and lipids, which can lead to redness, itching, inflamed areas of skin and re-occurring breakouts.

Also, the tendency to opt for hot showers and baths, as opposed to moderate bathing temperatures can again disrupt the surface of the skin. If you want to keep your acne at bay it is important to be aware of how to adjust your skincare routine for the cold winter months.

Environmental exposure
Despite us not necessarily spending as much time outdoors as we may have done in the summer, brisk winter walks and frequent exposure to biting cold winds, unforgiving frosts and heavy snowstorms, can undoubtedly affect our skin. In the same way that indoor heating can aggravate underlying acne and make our skin more sensitive and oily as it tries to compensate for moisture loss, time spent outdoors can also have a significant impact on our complexions.

When combined with wind chill and a climate that has the capability to strip natural oils from the surface of the skin, as well as UV rays which can be just as strong throughout the winter months, especially if you are enjoying sports such as snowboarding and skiing, acne can become an almost permanent feature as the skin battles to regulate its PH levels.

Using the same skincare products all year round
In the same way that you adjust your winter wardrobe to keep your body warm throughout the coldest season of the year, it’s just as important to review your skin care and acne products too. With dryness being one of the main acne-causing culprits, sticking to the same range of cosmetics and skin care essentials you used throughout the summer and fall, won’t have the desired effect and keep your skin blemish free and hydrated.

Subtle adjustments will be key when it comes to owning a radiant complexion, as will an effective cleansing routine to remove any excess party makeup, which tends to be much more heavily applied throughout the winter.

Here at Envision Acne and Skin Care Center we have our own range of specifically formulated acne control PoreInfusion products, which have been designed to mix and match all year round, as each complement each other.

UV Light 
While it’s easier to expose the skin to the UV rays of the sun during the summer and fall, this becomes more challenging during the winter. It’s well known that in moderation UV light can be beneficial at clearing up acne, however, instead of risking the potential side effects such as skin cancers and burning of the skin, there is another safer option available to help keep those pimples under control during the winter.

 LED light therapy treatments provided by your licensed aesthetician is a fantastic non-invasive way to combat acne.  LED light therapy uses a spectrum of colored lights to help kill bacteria in the pores, speed up the healing process, reduce inflammation, minimize pore size, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture and address pigmentation and scarring.

Festive Foods
When it’s cold and dark outside we have a tendency to reach for those all too familiar comfort foods which make us feel happy and temporarily energized. The only problem is that after celebrations with family and friends where food and alcohol is a big focus come to an end, we generally turn to caffeinated drinks and post Christmas sweet treats to restore depleted energy levels and then wonder why our acne has become worse.

Sugary foods, dairy products, caffeine and nutrient depleted meals can all lead to an increase in internal inflammation, while also dehydrating the skin. During the winter months, our bodies need to be supported with greater levels of water, essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants than usual. The key is moderation, enjoying yourself and indulging in treats for several days is not going to have a significant impact if you look after your diet and take steps to replenish your body with what it needs after the Holiday period has ended. Diet and the foods you consume over the winter months will undoubtedly play a key role in keeping acne flare-ups, pimples and irritation under control.

The festive season is an enjoyable and a magical time of the year but it can also be the cause of increased stress, worry and anxiety for some. In early blog posts  we have explained the impact that stress can have on your acne so it’s important to be proactive in reducing those unwanted emotions. Daily meditation practices and moderate levels of exercise can help to support your acne and skin care routine and help to minimize breakouts. So try to make time for self-care during the winter months and you will definitely notice the difference.

Party Makeup
When acne becomes more prominent and visible during the winter months, the one mistake is to attempt to cover it up with heavy make-up and concealers. Add into the equation that throughout the festive season invitations to events and social gatherings increase where we naturally want to look our best, so the amount of makeup we expose our skin to is likely to be more than usual. Selectingacne safe skin care products and mineral makeups will help to keep pores unclogged and minimize bacterial infections. Plus no matter how tired you feel at the end of the night, don’t be tempted to skip a good thorough cleanse  to remove your make up.

While visiting friends and family will be the highlight of the holiday season you will find yourself sleeping in hotel rooms, or at friends apartments If possible try to keep room temperature in the bedroom regulated to prevent your skin from drying out overnight and use your own (fabric softener and fragrance free) pillowcase to help avoid additional blemishes forming as you sleep..

Even though the winter months can make your acne worse, if you’re aware of the key acne-causing culprits (which can increase breakouts and lead to irritation and sensitivity), you can take simple steps to avoid them.

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