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A professional makeup artist shares her struggles with adult acne and how she was able to achieve clear skin

Today I got the chance to sit and talk with my dear friend Allison Cortez. We both started our carriers in the beauty industry many years back and while Allison followed her passion in the field of makeup artistry I became a skin and acne specialist. 

The reason I invited Allison to do this interview with me because she did struggle with adult acne at the beginning of her professional makeup carrier and I think it’s important to understand that even if you have a background in skincare, treating acne successfully can be very tricky and requires a unique approach.

Here is how Allison’s story began

“As a professional make up artist “I started experimenting with a lot of liquid foundations and I feel like since I wasn’t on a solid routine, it started causing me breakouts. Then I heard about coconut oil to be used as a moisturizer, and I started experimenting with that, and then I realized that it caused my breakouts” 

It is very important to understand when you are acne-prone you have to use very specific, acne-safe products on your skin in order to prevent breakouts. Despite all of the hype you can see on the internet about natural oils that promise to cure your acne, not everything is acne-safe and works for everyone. 

Self-diagnosing your acne type and experimenting with products recommended by influencers or beauty gurus on the internet can take you down on a long and exhausting path of finding the right solution for your acne type. 

Allison is a great example! She is a licensed esthetician and has a skincare training background. It was a little confusing for her to figure out what type of products to use on her specific skin, and how to clear up her adult acne. 

“It went on for almost a year, and then I started to do more research. But I was still confused because there are so many opposing sides about oils and natural ingredients, (that confused me) so that is when I contacted you!”

When we started to work together, I noticed that Allison had quite a bit of those tiny bumps under her skin (also called non-inflamed breakouts or closed comedones), they were very deep and hard to extract. 

“They were really deep and it translated when I wore makeup that I didn’t have perfect skin. That is important when I am trying to show a product and have myself as a guide. That’s when I decided that I wanted to have you treat my skin and show me the best way to take care of it.”

If you are like Allison and dealing with this type of acne, you do have to be careful when trying to do extractions at home. If you don’t know how to carefully squeeze out these congested spots, it is very easy to scar your skin. 

Allison’s Life After Working with Envision Acne & Skincare Center 

After Allison and I started working together, it only took about 3 months for us to clear up her skin. 

“I did see a change immediately once I got on a solid routine. I changed some things about my nutrition and lifestyle. I started using sunscreen too. From there, I have not gone back to any breakouts!” 

You see changes like Allison’s are possible for anyone who struggles with acne. Implementing a daily customized skincare routine and simple dietary and lifestyle adjustments can forever change your skin. 

But besides having an acne-safe skincare routine there was one more important thing that helped Allison achieve clear skin: changing her makeup to a natural mineral makeup foundation. 

“I kind of switched over to a natural makeup line and I feel like during the treatments it changed my skin right around. I feel like it really let my skin breathe. After that, I have continued to use more natural ingredients, with your approval, of course. It has been great, no complaints and I still got the same type of look that I wanted with my makeup. Great coverage and it went on just as smooth since I was taking care of my skin.

Finding the right skin specialist who listens to your skin concerns and understands the root cause behind your breakouts is key in successful acne management. 

“I would definitely recommend for them (the readers) to come to see you. I think you make it easy and I think it’s great to have someone that you can talk to in person and someone that cares about skin. Someone that will give you the right recommendation based on your personal skin type.”

Allison’s favorite acne-safe products:

“The whole PoreInfusion line is amazing! I will say that I really love the Mandelic Serum. It is a super gentle exfoliant and it also helped me with my pigmentation. That really accelerated getting my skin tone even so I didn’t need as much coverage from the foundation.”

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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