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3 Acne Misconception Holding You Back From Clearing Your Skin

Clearing acne can be confusing and frustrating especially if you don’t understand what is causing it. Here are 3 mistakes acne clients make that could be holding them back from achieving clear skin.

Mistake #1: Oily skin doesn’t need a moisturizer

Your skin could be overproducing oil because its’ lacking water. When you are using harsh exfoliating products and you have an impaired skin barrier water evaporates from the skin faster than it should be. Your skin starts to protect itself by producing oil to create a natural barrier on the surface of the skin and prevent water loss.

Solution: Using a water-based hydrator and a lightweight acne moisturizer helps balance your oil production and accelerate healing.

Mistake #2: Hormonal acne doesn’t have anything to do with diet

Facts: Your hormones are most likely imbalanced from estrogenic toxins in your diet.

Estrogenic toxins such as food preservatives, process foods, fast food will create a testosterone imbalance in the body resulting in acne breakouts, hormonal imbalances, and PCOS.

Your diet always has an impact on your skin! Eliminating processed foods and taking a natural supplement that helps remove these toxins from your skin will support your clearing process.

Mistake #3: You only need to wear sun protection when you go to the beach

When you have acne, you have constant inflammation in your skin, creating an impaired skin barrier.
If you don’t protect your skin from the sun daily, your skin will protect itself by overproducing melanin and creating excess pigmentation and age spots on the skin. This will result in a slower healing process and unwanted acne scars and dark marks.

Wearing acne-safe sun protection daily will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and support your healing process.

If you are struggling with resistant breakouts and not seeing results from your current skincare products you need a help of a holistic acne specialist. One consultation can change your life forever.

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I help women clear up their acne without medications and change their life by transforming their skin.

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