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10 Tips On How To Cleanse Your Acne Prone Skin


With so much conflicting information being available online about acne and advice on the best ways to cleanse your skin, it’s no wonder that the more articles and blog posts we read, the more confused we become about which statements are true and whose advice to listen to.

In our 10 step easy to follow guide, we walk you through our top pro tips to help maintain your skin, while keeping your acne under control.




1.) Keeping your pores bacteria free.
Removing your makeup thoroughly every night is an essential part of a successful skincare routine, however many products are either extremely thick and oily, or too astringent which can lead to sensitive and irritated skin. You also want to make sure that your makeup remover doesn’t contain any pore clogging ingredients which can lead to more congested pores. We love recommending PRIIA makeup remover to all of our clients, this highly effective product is 100% acne safe, vegan, gluten free, non comedogenic and super gentle on the skin.

2.) Kiss goodbye to your beloved exfoliating over the counter facial scrub
Harsh and abrasive products such as apricot scrubs can cause irritation and make your acne worse. Instead of targeting the cause and promoting healing, they scratch the surface of the skin and strip the skin of natural oils which are needed for protection against environmental pollutants. In our clinic we recommend to use a gentle gel based Mandelic scrub, which is enriched with mandelic acid for exfoliation and infused with green tea extract, pomegranate and Hops to address inflammation, hyperpigmentation and premature signs of ageing.

3.) Keep your PH levels under control
As professional skin care clinic, we can’t emphasis enough how important it is to avoid harsh soaps that have the potential to temporarily destroy your skin’s acid mantle. Many soaps are formulated with highly foaming ingredients which are too drying for the skin, leading to excessive dryness and irritation. Gentle skin washes which have been specifically developed for sensitive, acne prone skin are perfect for at home daily maintenance to keep your acne under control after your monthly visit to your skincare specialist.

4.) It’s all about a soft approach
Pat your skin dry with a towel as opposed to rubbing it to avoid unnecessary friction, which may aggravate your acne, spread bacteria and cause broken capillaries and fine lines. After rinsing your face thoroughly with warm water to remove any traces of makeup and excess oils, pat the skin dry with a clean and soft towel.

5.) Time to Tone
Using a toner is an important part of your daily skincare ritual, as it not only ensures that any excess residue from other products is removed, but that your skin is nourished with calming and hydrating ingredients. PoreInfusion skincare range offers several toners to suit your specific skin type; from hydrating to antibacterial and calming. Infused with natural active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, hyaluronic acid lavender, sage and Vitamins A, B, C and E, they get to work immediately leaving your skin feeling refreshed, glowing and revitalised.

6.) Hydration should be your no. 1 priority
For many clients who suffer with acne there is a belief that keeping the skin hydrated with products will generate more breaks outs, however nothing could be further from the truth. Hydration is vital for the cells and tissues to renew and function to optimum capacity. The PoreInfusion range of creams serums , toners and hydra gels are extremely popular within our clients who use them regularly in order to maintain the results that has been achieved with regular office visits.

7.) As the seasons change, so should your skincare routine
Adjusting your skincare routine to meet the demands of the changing seasons and also your monthly menstrual cycle when hormone levels increase, is key to keeping your acne under control. Switching for example to antibacterial toners, higher strength benzoyl peroxide and mandelic acid based solutions two weeks before you get your periods can help to reduce hormonal breakouts, before they occur.

8.) Avoid refined sugars
Foods such as chocolate, cakes and ready meals often contain high levels of sugars which provide your body with zero nutritional value. A healthy and balanced diet of green leafy vegetables, nuts, healthy proteins and essential fatty acids will allow your body to heal from the inside and over time begin to control hormone levels which may be acne and inflammation triggers.

9.) Increase your water intake
Reducing your caffeine intake and increasing the amount of water you drink every day, will not only nourish your skin, it’ll also help to flush out unwanted toxins and waste that the lymphatic system works hard to eliminate. The Mayo Clinic recommends that we follow the guidelines of consuming at least 4 (8-ounce) glasses a day to keep our body hydrated.

10.) Be kind to yourself
Acne can seriously impact your life and your daily interactions. While undergoing treatment for reoccurring acne may be an extremely challenging and emotional time, it’s important to remember that you can learn how to keep your acne under control. With the help of an acne expert you will be able to regain your self-confidence in no time.

Constantly worrying about your acne won’t make the problem go away, and it will only damage your already low self-esteem. Instead of seeing only the negatives, practice daily self-affirmations by telling your reflection in the mirror 5 things you like about yourself . You have so much great potential in life, don’t let acne keep them hidden in the shadows.


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